Pedagogy Education And Praxis

The ‘Pedagogy, Education & Praxis’ Research Program

A collaborative international research community

  • A developmental communityof established scholars + mid-career + early career and postdoctoral + doctoral researchers
  • A cross-institutional research programwith key nodes in
    • Charles Sturt University, Australia
    • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
    • The Nordic Action Research Network, including the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Tromsø University (Norway), Åbo Akademi University, Finland
    • Stockholm University
  • Supported by formal bilateral agreements for research cooperation between participating universities
  • A shared research agenda: ‘Praxis development throughout the teaching career’
  • Theoretical studies of praxis and praxis development as they are understood in different intellectual, theoretical and cultural traditions
  • Empirical studies informed by and informing the theoretical studies in areas including
    • Initial teacher education, including the practicum and praxis development
    • Teachers’ professional learning and development
    • Leadership
    • Education for all and inclusive education
    • Cultural diversity and multiculturalism

Shared research questions

  1. What is educational praxis?
  2. How, in different national contexts, is good professional practice (praxis) being understood and experienced by teachers?
  3. How, in different national contexts, is good professional learning and professional development (praxis development) being understood and experienced by teachers?
  4. How, in different national contexts, are the changing cultural, social, political and material conditions for praxis and praxis development affecting the educational practices of teachers?
  5. What research approaches facilitate praxis and praxis development in different international contexts?

A matrix of national and cross-national writing and reflection

  • Stephen Kemmis and Tracey Smith (eds.) (2008) Enabling Praxis: Challenges for Education. Rotterdam: Sense.
  • Jan Ax and Petra Ponte (eds.) (2008) Critiquing Praxis: Conceptual and empirical trends in the teaching profession.Rotterdam: Sense.
  • Karin Rönnerman, Eli Moksnes Furu and Petri Salo (eds.) (2008) Nurturing Praxis: Action research and school-university partnerships in a Nordic light. Rotterdam: Sense.
  • Matts Mattsson with Birgitta Sandström and Inge Johansson (eds. 2008) Examining Praxis: Assessments and knowledge construction in teacher education. Rotterdam: Sense.
  • In preparation: Pedagogy, Education and Praxis: A conversation of traditions
  • Development and dissemination of our research and findings
  • Holding research meetings of the international collaboration held in parallel with one or two international research conferences per year
  • Presenting keynote speeches, symposia and papers at these conferences to invite discussion of our work
  • Disseminating our findings to theorists and researchers through scholarly articles in peer-refereed journals
  • Disseminating our findings to practitioners and policy-makers through professional practitioner research conferences, professional seminars, and professional development meetings, and by publications in professional journals
  • International study schools for doctoral students and early career researchers
  • Including doctoral schools held in
    • Wagga Wagga, February, 2008
    • Gothenburg, May, 2009
    • Wagga Wagga, December, 2010
  • Participants in these seminars
    • meet and discuss the work of contemporary researchers on researching professional practice, praxis and praxis development,
    • exchange ideas and reports about their own research,
    • build international contacts and networks, and
    • consider becoming part of a rising generation of researchers who will sustain and develop the ‘Pedagogy, Education and Praxis’ research program

Challenges ahead

  • Developing and sustaining the program of parallel philosophical-empirical studies across national contexts, for example,
    • ‘Leading and learning: Developing ecologies of practice’, a study of relationships between leadership, professional learning, teaching practice and students’ academic and social practices in different national contexts
  • Funding, funding, funding, especially for
    • travel and translation,
    • to support doctoral students and doctoral schools, and
    • for parallel philosophical-empirical projects

(outline of the ‘Pedagogy, Education & Praxis’ Research Program presented at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, October 2009)